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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by LordAlex, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. LordAlex

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    Anyone else having issues with not being able to turn subtitles on or off when watching HD DVD ? Some movies start with subtitles on and won't turn off. Two I've borrowed and tried start with them off but I can turn them on via button at the bottom but can't turn them back off because all the "right click" subtitle options are grayed out. I'm using the latest patch from Cyberlink after having installed the version that came with my LG combo drive. Both version acted the same way as far as subtitles go. Any suggestions?
  2. Tanquen

    Tanquen Well-Known Member

    I’ve seen the same thing. There is a thread about this but I could not find a fix.
  3. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    what build number of Powerdvd are you using? ideally should be 7.3 build 3104 or 3319a
  4. martinfxdx

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    I had this on a couple of my discs that I had ripped to HDD. Without AnyDVD running in the background they both played fine! Couldn't get to the bottom of why this was, but it worked so it may for you.
  5. Tanquen

    Tanquen Well-Known Member

    I have PDVD 7.3.3104a.1 and with a few movies like 300 the subtitle options are grayed out and the subs are on by default. The title and root menus also do not work leaving you no way to turn them off. :(
  6. hddvdsupporter

    hddvdsupporter Well-Known Member

    i cannot turn of the subtitles in Shooter (HD-DVD) with powerdvd 3319a.
    with nero showtime it works fine! so i have to edit the xpl file or have to live with nero showtime..
  7. LordAlex

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    hmmm...I too have tried playing the rips with AnyDVD off, no difference as far as the subtitle options being grayed out. I can't seem to find my build number when I look at the about information
    Thanks for all the replies.
  8. pm1961

    pm1961 Member

    Version number...

    I couldn't either........ But I did find it by looking at Properties for PowerDVD.exe on the Version Tab.
  9. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    goto the about section the click on your name in the 'registered to' section
  10. sarah99

    sarah99 Well-Known Member

    Just edit all lines with "<subtitle ...." out of the VPLST000.xpl file using notepad.
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