Powerdvd 19 does not work with anydvd Blu-Ray

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    I have powerdvd 19 and have just installed anydvd

    Restarted the PC, loaded the Blu-Ray "My Life in Ruins" and get the same error as before (prior to anydvd) disc cannot play as it is region A. My powerdvd is set to region B.

    Anydvd web page says it is supposed to work.

    I cannot change the region in powerdvd, the function is locked despite having 4 changes left according to the screen. But anydvd is supposed to eliminate the need for that change anyway.

    Any ideas ?
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    Anydvd only removes the region of you tell it too for bd's. Only DVDs happen 'automatic'. Go to the Blu-ray settings, enable BD region removal and specify the region of the DISC (NOT YOUR REGION!). In this case, region A. Specifying your region (B, in this case) WILL result in an unplayable disc. For Blu-ray it's important your always specify the discs region

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  3. Brianmcm

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    Thank you Chevron, that helped a lot. It became more obvious once I used your post to have a look around the settings and then the selection menu came up with the region selection.
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