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  1. Hello everyone
    When I make a full copy from a Blu-ray UHD movie folder to a full ISO 1:1 copy. And after clonebd software confirms to me that this process was done without any problems. I am trying to play the movie successfully with powerdvd 19 software. i use virtual clonedrive to amount the iso movie and then trying to play the movie.

    Without success. Sometimes a black screen appears. And sometimes I get a window in powerdvd that the software can't run this iso file type.

    On the other hand. i copy a movie folder through imgburn to iso file and then powerdvd 19 software runs without any problems.
    I send a screenshot of the log and also the powerdvd alert window writes to me
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  3. Hello thank you for the response and do yes for clarification.
    I send screenshots of my problem.
    And I also want to make it clear that there are no protection issues. As I mentioned every other file I make through imageburn runs flawlessly on powerdvd 19

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  4. someone help ? ?
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    I'm sorry to make you wait - we're aware of your problem and have already planned some tests.
    Stay tuned, we'll let you know what we find.
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    BTW: what you're attempting to do should work with the free version of CloneBD.

    You are needlessly using a crack and that has two severe drawbacks:
    1. our software tends to not work correctly when cracked, because cracks usually are made sloppily, as their main goal is not to make the software work for people searching for a free ride on the backs of others, but rather, and this leads me to number 2:
    2. they usually infect your PC with viruses (which is their main purpose), as you can see here, that's virustotal showing you what you caught when you installed your specific CloneBD crack: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file...9334d6c4b341411569f60d298ae1fe7f15b/detection

    So basically, you can be grateful, if a non-working iso is the only problem you're having.
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    Rhat leaves you with 2 options.

    1. Use the free version and it's available functionality
    2. Get a license

    Piracy is not condoned here. Topic locked.

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