possible to do chapters?

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  1. Jux

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    Hi, noob here,

    I'm still trying out the trial version b4 buying. I copied my first full movie to my ipod video, and it doesn't let you skip forward to chapters. Is this not possible? If it is, how do you set it to do that when copying? Do you have to copy each chapter separately? if so, how do you set it to do that?

    Thanks and cheers,
  2. ivanX

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    You can create individual chapter if you want. Just tick the box that says "produce separate chapter files" just above "Label" on the final screen before conversion :)
  3. Jux

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    cool. i tried it - so it saves each chapter as a separate file? When you do it this way, there's no way to run them continuously, i take it? you have to go back to the menu and trigger each chapter separately?
  4. mike20021969

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    ipod will not let you skip forward to the next chapter on a movie like you can on a dvd-that is correct.you can scan forward and backwards when watching a movie by pressing and holding down the >>I or I<< on the dial on the ipod.
    or create separate files for the chapters using clonedvdmobile.then you have to select the chapters individually that you want to skip to once transferred to your ipod.
    i'm not sure if movie files play consecutively on an ipod so the easiest way is to fast forward to the end of one movie then when it ends see if the next movie starts playing.

    i have an 80GB video ipod and when i watch a movie then shut the ipod down,then switch it on again another day,if i select the movie i was watching it resumes from where it left off anyway.does yours not do that?
    it remembers where i finished watching for more than one movie aswell.i tried it on 'the elephant man' and 'casino royale' and it resumed where i'd finished watching.
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  5. Jux

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    sometimes i'll listen to music and then come back to the movie or TV show so i don't think it saves your position in those cases. Can you maybe create a playlist of the different chapters so that it will play them in order automatically but also let you skip from song to song?
  6. mike20021969

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    you can create playlists for ipod.you can do this on the ipod itself using a method called 'on the go'.but the easiest way,i think,is to do it on itunes using your computer.
    so using clonedvdmobile you can now burn files for each chapter on the dvd.then open the folder containing these files on the computer screen.
    now launch itunes and connect your ipod to computer.access the ipod on itunes (mine is called Mike's iPod).then click movies and drop the files clonedvdmobile made into the itunes screen to copy them over to your ipod.
    now all you have to do is make a playlist (the name of your dvd perhaps).once you can see the playlist on the left hand side of itunes,drag all movies files onto the named playlist.once the ipod is disconnected from computer,you can access the playlist on the ipod.
    hope that makes sense.good luck.
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  7. Jux

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    Hi Mike -

    Thanks for replying! I did create a playlist in itunes of the chapters and then copied the playlist to my ipod. Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me run the playlist and run the chapters together it still made me run them one at a time and would keep me back to the list every time one chapter ended.


    Have you been able to get the chapters to run after each other in a playlist? Is there a difference between a Smart Playlist and a regular playlist?

    Thank you!
  8. Zaii

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    I came to the forums to find this out for myself. It appears that CloneDVD Mobile cannot create the m4v files with chapter markers for itunes. I have been using Handbrake and hoped to switch products, but will keep using Handbrake for now.

    I use Handbrake h.264 (ipod) encoder, AAC audio encoder. Video settings: 50% constant quality with constant rate factor, 2pass, turbo 1st pass. Audio settings: 160/48/auto/auto settings. This has given rather small (200-400mb) m4v files when encoding 1hr episodes. The quality is acceptable when watching ipod on a LCD tv, although I would bump the quality up to 55 or even 60% if I could afford the drive space.

    And yes, this lets you skip through the chapters with the ipod or itunes.
  9. loub555

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    I also use Handbrake, but would prefer DVD Mobile to do this as it apparently is possible.
  10. Yimbo

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    I suggest everyone who needs this feature added should contact (if you haven't already) Slysoft @ http://www.slysoft.com/en/contact.html.

    I also use Handbrake and having chapters in an .m4v file, rather than separate chapter files, is a great feature.