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Sep 15, 2017
while checking my email today (Sunday, 17 Sept) I found this very SCAM sounding message about this problem with purchasing Redfox software with a US account:


lajoes, theosch started a new conversation with you at RedFox Forum.

Helping s.o. out getting his license.
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I've got a Prepaid Visa card. RedFox purchases went all fine with my Visa card from my bank.
My bank never asked me to verify the purchases.
I'm located within Europe, I had the impression that people in US had it harder to get their payments accepted with their visa cards by their credit institute to RedFox.

Recently though my bank changed it's IBAN number a little bit, meaning some digits at the front changed (bank account number itself within behind though stayed the same).
So my bank sent me a new prepaid Visa card.
And I'm eager to find out if it's still working so easily to buy RedFox purchases. Though I have already a few licenses, so doesn't make sense to test it for myself with purchase for my own.

The card is charged up.
I could try the payment for you. In return you could send me the money via paypal?

I just want to help s.o. out while it's still time with the RedFox discount (ending after September 17 2017).
And 'dI want to help RedFox.
Still there are more often discounts offered. As far as I know the last one was at the end of holidays in May 2017, and at the start of the summer holidays 2017.
RedFox will probably offer the next 20% off discount in fall/autumn holidays.
I think he's done it before for people having problems purchasing, not 100% sure but there has been someone that purchased licenses for someone and put them in their rightful name. In the end it's up to you to decide
I'm sorry that it appeared as scam, wasn't meant in any harmful way.
It's always good to post here in the forum about unserious issues in the forum just to be sure :)
I'll try to stay moderate next time.

Well, today I tried to buy a license for my relative. But I see that payment didn't go through.
It looks like my Visa accepted the payments without problems before IBAN change and new credit card

The strange thing is, now the credit card load up period was only a few seconds, they changed banking system etc.
With the old card it took two to three working days until money was listed available on the prepaid credit card.
But maybe now the money still isn't really on the prepaid credit account, even though listed as charged up saldo.
Well I charged it on Sunday. Let's see to reinitiate the purchase on Tuesday/Wednesday.