Possible problem with WestWing S2D2...?

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    I have here a couple of netflix disks containing West Wing Season 2 disks 2 and 3. In the dvd drive neither of these disks will start, but they will play on a regular dvd player even with both being heavily scratched. In the past I have reported disks as damaged occasionally, and they send replacements and nearly always the replacement is OK, but in one instance the replacement was also heavily scratched, but finally the third disk worked.

    Netflix support tells me they are becoming aware of problems on some disks where software is being deliberately put on so they can't be played in a computer. In this present instance, the disks from WB are marked "Rental Only -- Not for resale" and also netflix has put on the sleeve label "Although the DVD menu may indicate that this disc is two-sided, that is not the case. Subsequent episodes are on separate discs."

    BTW, I always update to latest versions of AnyDVD, etc. as soon as they are announced. Have

    I wonder if this is some sort of another new problem. Has anyone heard of it?
    To cover the bases, I'm going to copy the IFO files and send them in to tech support anyway.

    Thanks! Hope everyone's enjoying the summer.

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    P.s. .....

    I'm using latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. For some reason can't edit the first post so sticking this in as a reply.