Possible false positive for structural protection?

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    Came across something odd on my Doctor Who (2005) Series Nine Part One R1 DVD set. The first disc in the set does not contain structural copy protection, yet the latest beta of AnyDVD,, detects structural protection on disc 2.

    This seems to be a false positive to me. I've seen some DVD sets where the main movie disc is structurally protected, like the Disney dub of My Neighbor Totoro, but the extras disc is not structurally protected. However, I've never seen it the other way around.

    I have encountered a DVD set where 4 discs were not detecting structural protection, but disc 5 was. However, that was caused by a bad spot on disc 5 that only allowed 95% of the disc to be read. So, that was a false positive caused by the bad spot. However, this Doctor Who disc 2 extracted 100%. I haven't tested the output yet to see if it extracted correctly, though.

    I've attached the logs for both discs if anyone wants to take a look at this.


    EDIT: The output of disc 2 seems to be okay. I feed the VIDEO_TS into DVDShrink and created a new "1:1" VIDEO_TS of the input, with no changes. DVDShrink completed the processing 100%.

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    Possible. You can switch it off. Disable "copy protection based on unreadable sectors".