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poor video quality


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Feb 13, 2007
have backed up many movies for a while now using dvdxcopy & anydvd. since the last 2 updates or so i have noticed that the quality of my backups are very poor. anyone else have the same problem? i use verbatum or maxell dvd+r's just seems odd that all of a sudden quality is poor.
Do you know the bitrate of the movie? I haven't got the movie (seen it, it's alright) but one of the things you have to look out for it the bitrate.

The larger the bitrate, the better quality the movie will be. Read this post for more information. This isn't the definitive answer as to why you're getting bad backups (could be lucky that the DVDs you chose had a low bitrate) but it may help.

Remember to check all your settings. ;)