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    This fantastic pocketdivxencoder (PDE) program will Rip all DVD or re-encode any videos DivX, Xvid(QPEL, GMC), OGM, MKV, x264(h264), MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV etc.
    Excellent quality AVI DivX or XviD if 2 passes checked (Mencoder or FFMPEG)
    Multilanguage (including Help & How to)
    Freeware, Vista compatible, get it from here : http://www.pocketdivxencoder.net/index.php?lang=EN
    Do not use the OLD stable version 3.60. With this version, you will only get 640x max resolutions with the VGA(E800) device. Get this one instead v3.96 which will go as high 720x max resolutions.
    When you open the programme click on the ?HELP button to bring up the detailed step by step user guide with screenshots.
    For a 1hr 40 min movie only to an Avi File around 5hrs but the results are worth the wait.
    This is one awesome programme, tried it and loved the resulting Avi File. I've tried many of the more well known encoders for Dvd to Avi, but this programme out-performs them by far. There's not even an install (it runs straight from a single executable file and I love tools like that).
    I haven't tried out all the features, but I saw options for just about every handheld device, a rare piece of video software conversion that WORKS, and its FREE.