Plextor 810SA's won't install

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by arw, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Hello all

    Interesting forum you have here!

    I have given up trying to install a pair of Plextor 810SAs (or whatever they are underneath) on either of my homebrew PCs -- same motherboard Aopen AX4SPE Max II, Win XP Pro -- one PC has IDE + SATA hard drives, the other is twin SATA hard drives so the machines understand SATA well.

    The reward for all my endeavors is that neither machine will boot into Windows when the new Plextors are connected. It stalls during booting up, boot disk failure, insert system disk (words to that effect). However the Plextor drives are recognised on the boot screen.

    I tried every combination I know in the BIOS for auto, combined, enhanced, SATA only without success. The system stalls whenever the Px drives are powered up. I hoped I could just drop the drives in and they would work, but obviously not!

    There is no manual or online support, could anyone offer pointers or advice before I throw them in the trash? I should have stuck with my pair of Px 708's.

    Thanks -- Alan
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    Similar Probllem Harsh Solution

    I had a similar problem when I installed a new DVD reader unfortunately and ultimately the solution was to do a complete system restore in order for Windows to load the appropriate drivers.
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    You obviously have a problem with the AOpen MOBO.......... Not an unusual occurrence w/AOpen. They are made by Asus but w/lower quality standards and support is, as you have found, almost impossible to obtain.

    In the PC w/one the HDD connected to the 0 SATA port?
    Are you connecting the Plextor to SATA Port 1?
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    I purchased two 810A from Plextor when they were first released. They are actually DVR 212 made by Pioneer. Plextor acted if they would help me, my problems which are different that yours. Point being they will help you to a point, just do not mention Pioneer, after I said that to them they broke off contact with me. I did however receive two free 810SAs burner from them and 200 Verbatim DVD+R all at no cost. I would not trash them yet if I were you, just put them away for now. They are basically good burner and if your PC can not handle them, sell them. :)
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    Good News

    Plextor 810SA now has a firmware update but it addressed my problem concerning reading certain media such as DVD-Rs.