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Plextor 760A


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Feb 13, 2007
Hi Guys,

When your backing up a movie with this drive. Do you remove 'riplock?'
If so what procedure do you use?

Also on AnyDVD drive > 'enable speed read', is this supposed to work on the Plextor?

I don't rip with mine (despite the fact it's a very good reader/ripper). However, holding down the eject button for 3 seconds until the light on the drive blinks will work. Apparently, the other method (Plextools) won't if Anydvd is running.
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For my PX-760A using Plextools Pro LE I've changed the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM and that seems to stick but enabling SpeedRead doesn't appear to stick. It stays checked but Regardless of having PlexTools running or not I still have to use the 3 second eject method.

The time difference is pretty large with or w/o SpeedRead. I rip a DVD-5 disc in about 5-7 min. A DVD-9 in about 16-18 min. Some take less time and others take more. Without SpeedRead a DVD-9 would take at least 45 minutes.
Messrs. Webslinger, DrinkLyeAndDie,

Thanks for your posts!!!

I use the old 3 second trick & find the following:

sometimes the tray pushes fairly hard, while holding the button, & other times it does not. Strange

I can get 'rips after the 3 second thing, ranging from 30 min. to 6 min.. Always a crapshoot for length of time.

Also I believe (I could be wrong) but when the tray opens riplock is on & you must press the button again. Or one rip per 3 second button push.

I've changed the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM
What does this do or what advantage?

Take Care