Please Vote - What is the Best DVD player for your PC

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by MovieMatt, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. MovieMatt

    MovieMatt Member

    I have seen references to TheaterTek, PowerDVD, Roxio, etc. Please postyour opinion as to what is the best DVD player for Home Theaters, and why?

    - Matt
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I have always had great success with power dvd but I'm not sure now with the HD stuff coming out.
  3. diskwatcher

    diskwatcher Well-Known Member

    I have used WinDVD and PowerDVD and had great results with both.
    I have PowerDVD6 now and until I get Vista and a new computer with HD capability (no rush) I won't bother changing.
  4. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I've used WinDVD and Power DVD and have never had any issues with either but I prefer Power DVD.
  5. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    Theater Tek is probably the best - and most expensive.

    I use PowerDVD on a regular basis.

  6. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    I too use PowerDVD... It does all I need it to do... so there is no reason for anything else... (for me anyway!)
  7. jvc

    jvc Well-Known Member

    I use and like WinDVD. :)
  8. MarkRacer

    MarkRacer Well-Known Member

    PowerDVD works best for me at the moment...

    :bowdown: :bowdown: WE'RE NOT WORTHY:bowdown: :bowdown:
  9. ajafuta

    ajafuta Active Member

    Power DVD Ultra

    I have downloaded the recent Power DVD Ultra and it is very buggy and I am experiencing quite a bit of lagtime and picture flutter. I have a Brand New Sony Viao Laptop AR 320E. My processor(s) are only running at 40% with this program and I am still experiencing problems. Hope that helps you with your question. Also, the laptop is HD ready and I am using all Slysoft programs. Which work great!!!! Thanks Slysoft, your products are the BEST!!!
  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    ZoomPlayer & Nvidia Pure Video Decoder. Highly customizable.
  11. freda

    freda New Member

    I use DVD X Player, because it can play all regions DVD.
  12. ajafuta

    ajafuta Active Member

    Power DVD

    Well, after about 20 days I finally was able to get Power DVD Ultra to work great with my laptop!!! I connect to my plasma via HDMI on my Sony Laptop. After reading many posts here is what worked best in my scenario: I turned off my NVDIA Graphics Accelator located in the PowerDVD configuration menu and let PowerDVD take over. Much smoother picture. Also, after 4 uninstalls and installs and bringing my computer back to the factory settings the program was successfully deleted then I reinstalled and had great success. I run my XBOX 360 HD Drive and of course use all the Slysoft products. I only wish Slysoft would design a product similar to PowerDVD cause Slysoft has the best products with great updates and none of the added stuff, such as the Google task bar all the products want to install on my computer. Also, I use PowerDVD for playing my Over The Air hd that I record via Windows Media Center using my Pinicale PC HD TV Antenne and I can't believe how great the pictures is with nothing more than what looks like a antenne on a car.

    I wish all great success and if anyone locates a better HD DVD that plays files from the harddrive for the computer please post here.