Please stop turning on AutoStart with every upgrade

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by ScottJ97, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. ScottJ97

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    Every time I download and install a new version of AnyDVD HD, it turns on AutoStart again. It's become part of my upgrade routine to go into the Settings and disable it again.

    I found this old post:

    That says it's intentional, but doesn't give any explanation for it. I can't see any good reason for it.

    I find it obnoxious that it overrides settings that I have deliberately chosen. Please disable this behavior and leave my settings as I've made them.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    There are more recent topics than that one, where James (lead dev) specifically said that it's by design, and there are no plans to change this behavior

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  3. ScottJ97

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    Did a little digging and found more discussion. This guy nails it: this is a dumb design decision. But I won't beat the dead horse any further, sorry.
  4. rik1138

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    Yeah, I've been trying to get them to fix this 'bug' way back when the company was AnyDVD... All I ever get is Ch3vr0n explaining that James says 'It's by design'. I seem to remember it didn't always do this back in the very beginning...

    I absolutely CAN NOT have this software running constantly on my machine. It interferes with my work and breaks Blu-ray disc verification. It's not a choice, for me it is absolutely a REQUIREMENT. Every time someone updates the software, projects start breaking until I remember to check that it's turned off and stays off unless it's actually needed... It's been a constant annoyance since we originally bought the software.

    I can't remember if we've been told, specifically, what the reason is for this other than vague 'idiot-proofing' claims... I'm curious if that is still why, and if that is still a valid reason? How many people need to have the software running 24/7? How many people these days are ripping blu-rays that are newb enough that they need the program to be dumbed down?

    I'm not trying to be an ass either, I'm genuinely curious. 'Idiot-proofing' is the only reason I've heard, but idiot proofing from what? I don't make changes to my computer/software on a whim, I do it for a very good reason. Having my personal settings undone every time the software updates is frustrating...

    Since there's apparently multiple threads started by multiple users about this issue, exactly what is the reason for it still being 'by design'?

    If it's because you (the developers) think the end users aren't smart enough to release they've disabled it, maybe at least give us a 'super secret' way of permanently disabling it. Like the OP here, it's just second nature for me to 'Install the latest version, run it, disable autostart' that I'll probably be thrown off it actually stayed disabled.. But when other people use the machine I'm on and update the software it causes problems. If the program didn't tell them there was a new version available, then that problem would go away as only I'd be updating it... Is it just a registry entry that keeps getting reset? Can I set the registry entry to 'No' and then disable the ability for the reg entry to be changed even by an Admin? That might solve the problem...
    I have actually even asked for a 'non-idiot' version of AnyDVD in the past that doesn't dumb-down the region settings and also fixes this issue. But being told my personal settings are being reset is 'by design' for the purpose of 'idiot-proofing' is just an insult...
    I would think at this time the amount of times people have complained about it would be enough to change it...
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  5. mmdavis

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    I really don't understand the issue, if it is that important to you. You don't have to install a new version until you need to for a new protection. You can install that new version at a convenient time for you. The last thing AnyDVD does after the install is bring up the Status box where the settings are located. You are spending 1-3 minutes installing AnyDVD, is it really that big of a wait to spend another 3-5 seconds unchecking the Autostart box?
  6. el Filou

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    The automatic update check is an option in Program Settings. Newer versions of AnyDVD don't reset it anymore after each update (at least on my system), so if you uncheck it then it should not inform other people using the machine that there's a new version, and you can update manually regularly and then uncheck the Austostart option after each update.
    (Edit: forgot the settings are per-user, so you'd have to open Registry Editor and change each user's Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Settings\CheckUpdate to 0. You could maybe get this to default to 0 for new users that are created if you create the key for the .DEFAULT user but I can't guarantee that)
    Note that on Windows 10 you can disable individual programs that automatically start with Windows from the Task Manager. Have you tried disabling AnyDVD autostart from there and see if that setting survives updates? I can't guarantee it but it's worth trying.
  7. pastordl

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    Agree with you 100%. If you have that many problems with it get in the habit of unchecking the box on update install.
  8. Krawk

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    It's a very minor annoyance that I never made a big deal over. Not sure in the programming section what it would take to not toggle that flag at all.