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"Please Insert Disk" problem


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Mar 5, 2007
Hello everyone,

It is so cliché to have your first post as a problem and I shall not be an exception First of all, I'd like to say that this may be an AnyDVD HD problem or it may not, and if it turns out that it is not then I apologise in advance. So, without too much ado, here is the deal...

I've been burning quite a few disks since the morning (all as Data Disks with AVI files being the data) and all was good. Then I thought I'd take a break (no, I don't have a Kit Kat ) and watch some AVIs I burnt ages ago. The tray of the drive slid in and I heard the familiar spinning sound. So I go into Windows Explorer and straight away I notice that there is no text displayed in the label name, it just says "CD-Drive". So I click on the drive and up comes the window telling me that I need to insert a disk (see screenshot below):


My jaw nearly hit the floor (ouch, no carpet) because I know that there is actually disk inside the drive. And here is the output of AnyDVD HD's window for that disk:


I don't give up that easily so I thought I will try to stick inside a Region 1 disk and a Region 2 disk (obviously not at the same time). Here are the respective output windows for both of those disks:



The funny (or not, as some of you may think) is that I can play the R1+R2 disks in PowerDVD even though it doesn't recognise that a disk has been inserted either.

My OS is Windows XP Professional SP2 with all the latest bells and whistles from M$ installed.

Thank you for assisting me in resolving this matter.

I have solved the problem by simply restarting my computer, but I am still curious why the error occurred in the first place :confused: