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please help with crash issues??????


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Feb 17, 2007
I am using nero recode from nero version and any dvd version6.1.2.3. the combination of these two makes my computer crash. or freeze. it doesnt happen untill i try to import dvd titles. i click import dvd title. i can back out from there and everything is fine. it is when i press ok to import the title that everything freezes up. i cant restart or anything. my drive light flashes like three times and then stops. it always worked with cce region free. so i have to rip to hard drive and then use recode, and it works fine. i like recode better than clone. i searched the forum and found nothing. please help.
p.s. this happens with all dvds ive tried since i bought any dvd. even unprotected dvds.
Your problem seems to be a growing issue for many users. The only advice I can offer is the typical canned reply.............Uninstall Anydvd. Reboot. Reinstall Anydvd. Reboot.
Do you have IN CD (part of Nero's bloated software) installed?
screw it i give up. thanks any way oldjoe

i give up. i do have one more question. i like tv show dvds. with recode i could put two dvds in one. can you do that with clone? if yes how