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Please help with a setting


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Aug 21, 2007
I purchased AnyDVD last night and got it all installed and registered. I tried to copy a somewhat scratched DVD with the idea of preserving my purchase last night. I used the RIP to Hard Drive option, however it got to the 4th VOB file and errored. I told a friend about it and he brought his laptop with an older version of AnyDVD While copying the same way, it had an option to continue where mine did not. His continued with the copy but couldn't finish due to a low battery. How can I enable that feature on my new copy?

Scott A. Wright
On my friend's copy it asked if he wanted to continue despite the error.. Mine just asked if I wanted to delete the files off my hard drive it had created... I was asking if there was a setting to make my new copy ask if I want it to continue with the process instead of just erroring out and asking to delete the files it had been working with.

I tried your program, IsoPuzzle, but it got to 99.9 percent and tried for 5 hours to get that last .1 percent. Is there any way with this program to force it to finish so I can test what it WAS able to come up with ?
Not sure. I've never had a problem with IsoPuzzle helping me out with scratched/ruined DVDs.
I tried burning what it WAS capable of recovering for me and to my complete surprise, it was the whole video... Thank you!!! Thank you for your wonderful suggestion.

Again, if anyone is familiar with the RIP to DVD option that I was referring to, please let me know how to make mine ignore the error and keep ripping to DVD...Thank you in advance. Also, I really am enjoying AnyDVD it has saved my bacon on more than one damaged DVD and computer game.