PLEASE HELP PC restarts its self when starting up clone dvd and cd

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Miss Kilbey, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Miss Kilbey

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    after click icons on desktop and going though a couple of simple steps eg copy dvd title then select video file from my e drive then click next and then after the next next if thats makes sense the pc restarts its self with clone cd ive only have to click the icon and its restarts never had this problem before until now ive carried out a spyware and anti virus checks all ok
    ive unistalled both programs and installed them again and still does it

    do u know what the problem maybe its such i good bit of software i dont want to use anything else

    i have the lastest updates for them both

    do u think it maybe the update ?


  2. oldjoe

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    Restarts are usually a hardware problem.... Power Supplies are often the culprit if they become weak or overloaded. Have you installed any new hardware lately?
  3. Miss Kilbey

    Miss Kilbey New Member

    hi ya

    thanks for your reply

    no nothing at all its the only bit of software on my pc that is,nt working properly its a strange one
  4. diskwatcher

    diskwatcher Well-Known Member

    Can you write to disk at all?
    That is can you make a data disk (cd) just using the Windows app. ?
  5. Miss Kilbey

    Miss Kilbey New Member

    hi ya

    yeah i can use other applications to write cd's but not clonecd or write dvd's with clone dvd

    im sure now its the lastest updates that is give me this problem i found this

    check this link out
  6. diskwatcher

    diskwatcher Well-Known Member

    Oh, *!!**??!!!, and other comments.

    Got no solution, email slysoft now(!), for you.
  7. G-Omaha

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    That link is Ages Old - About a year ago for the last post. If you are using Slysoft software that old - it should error out --- HeeHeeHee....

    Darren - What operating system and other software have you got installed. Do you have any other "Decryptor" or "Packet Writing Software" installed?
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  8. Webslinger

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  9. diskwatcher

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    Missed the date totally.
    Reminder to self : Check date:doh:

    edit : You backed up first, right?
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