Please help me with frame rate of HD-DVD Bourne Movies

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  1. Comer

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    I bought the Bourne Supremecy at the beginning of the year and ripped it to the hard disk from the 360 HD drive. When I played it on the PC usong PowerDVD, reclock reported the frame rate as 29.70. This, of course, causes micro stutter, even with the projector set to 60hz.
    I deleted the movie and gave away the disk as even the slightest stutter is a complete deal breaker for me.

    I now have obtained two versions of the Bourne Ultimatum and both of these are the same. Could there be something worng with my setup or are these movies released at 29.70fps.


  2. finist

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    I did not have this problem with Bourne Ultimatum, but I do now with Stardust (this is the first for me). What is the root of it and how it can be determined?
  3. Comer

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    Please, I would really appreciate if someone could check the frame rate of their Bourne Ultimatum. If others are getting 24FPS, are there any suggestions as to why I am getting 29.70.

  4. finist

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    We, probably, talk about different issues here, but I found a reason for my problem. It is MPEG-4 codec of Stardust. I checked Transformers with the same codec and I had the same stuttering problem. All my other hddvd are encoded with VC1 and I have no problem with them. So, it is my processor - Intel Core 2 @ 1.8 GHz, that is not powerful enough for MPEG-4 encoded disks. Time to upgrade.
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    I finally got a decent chance to sit down and play with some setting after the Christmas. So I'll post my solution in the event that anybody else has a similar problem.

    Reclock thought the disk was encoded at 29.70 fps and so could not play it smoothly at either 60Hz or 48Hz refresh rate. The solution for me was to go into Configure Reclock and under the Video Settings Tab, remove he ticks from the three methods to determine frame rate.

    Perhaps sme others are using reclock and might find this useful.
  6. NBguy

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    Frame Rate of Bourne Ultimatum

    Ok, it was shot a 24fps,
    but the 1080p specs should retain the 24fps, sometimes they will do a 2:3 pulldown to make it compatible with NTSC 60hz style systems and will either speed it up to 29.976fps or 23.976fps.
    Playback wise your proc is very important, even though modern graphics cards have acceleration built into them, the proc still handles most of the work. Trying to playback 1080P or 720 for that matter realy needs a Intel Core Duo 6400 or equivalent AMD Proc.
    I Run a Core2 Quad Q6600 which handles 1080p Scaled to fit a 1680X1050 Monitor
  7. Charlie

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    Slysoft is in the works of redoing ReClock don't how when it'll be released though as nothing has been said in quite a while.