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  1. crimsoncon

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    I am trying to understand how gameJackel works, or more specificially, if it can work with Play Station 3 which I just purchased. I have not as yet used the machine to play games. It has 4 USB ports and a 60 GIG hard drive. By using the USB port can I access a HD Blue Ray disk and save it to the PS 3 hard drive or is GameJackel not designed to do this?


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    Play station

    I wanted to copy play station disc
    I did everything like in the manual
    I inserted the PS3-disk into dvd drive, but it says No disc present in drive G:!

    Windows7, AnydvdHD 6609, clone dvd2, Optiarc AD-5200S-1.09 NOV05, 2008, region 5.
  4. evlncrn8

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    you mean you put a bluray disk into a dvd drive?

    .. anyway, to answer your question, gamegackal is software designed to run under windows, for games using windows, so it is useless for the ps3..
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    PS3 or Wii

    Is there any way to back up game discs, using AnyDVD, CloneCD or other SlySoft product?
  6. Charlie

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    Using CloneCD you can do it for the XBOX and the XBOX 360. The Wii has a special burner I heard and there isn't a way for the PS3.