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  1. wisdenb

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    I must be missing something, but it has been stated that the 'correct' playlist for a protected disc should be shown on the AnyDVD status page - I am not seeing anything other than some details of the drive and the name of the disc in it. When I run CloneBD it is showing three options that are the correct main feature length.... How can I determine which is the correct one?
  2. jwjohnson

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    Usually that means that all three playlists are good. Probably just vary in some language details which CloneBD has no way of knowing which one you speak or want. If no good playlist is shown on AnyDVD status screen it usually means this disc doesn't use screen pass. An AnyDVD log file would help show what's going on.
  3. wisdenb

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    The top one it offered gave the Black copyright screen a few minutes in....
    Second one appears good so far...but no subtitles.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Sounds like Screenpass, anydvd logfile please

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