Playing ripped blu-ray movie with PS3 hard drive

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    I was so thrilled to be able to rip to a hard drive of my first BD movie. Has anyone figured out how to view this movie, using just the PS3, meaning without burning it to BD-R or BD-RW first?

    Can we just copy the whole folder structure onto the PS3 (or via external HD) in a VIDEO folder where PS3 can access and view the movie this way?

  2. Humpa

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    PS3 doesn't support NTFS external hdd, only FAT - therefore you can't put the ripped movie on the FAT hdd.
    There is someway to use WMP as a video server for the PS3 - check the appropriate documentation for that. And then I believe you need to use TSREMUX and remux the movie and one audio track so WMP will see it. But when all is said and done you are limited to stereo audio, so I never tried it and am not sure of the particulars.
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    You must first use tsremux oe tsmuxer to strip out just the video, and dolby audio track (if available). You can then use wmp 11 or tversity (which I use) and stream the movie over your wired Lan to your PS3. The Ps3 will only accept a dolby digital audio stream and it will not accept a blu ray title using VC-1 encoding.
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    what a joke, eh? you can also put a larger than 4GB file on the internal drive...but gak that is one stinky multmedia player...too many rules
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    You can copy BD files to PS3 internal HD for viewing

    I just copied Spider-Man 3 file (28 Gigs) from my iMac using MediaLink and my wired ethernet network. It only took 50 minutes which is really not bad for such a huge file. Also, I have the latest PS3 firmware 2.30

    The movie file played perfectly with stunning 1080p sweetness.

    I was under the assumption that the PS3 HD cannot accept anything bigger than 4Gigs (I thought it was FAT32). I am glad some one here corrected my statement earlier that led me to this.

    If you are a Mac user, MediaLink is the greatest software ($20 bucks) for streaming files to PS3 with stunning quality. I just upgraded my PS3 internal drive to 250G so I am good to go, at least for a little while.
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    many of us have given up on our ps3s as ever being a viable media player due to the attitude of $ony....

    i invested in a tvix 6500 that will stream this in real time from my pc with no stutter and no wasted time sending a file for 50 minutes just to watch it and then delete to make room for the next one....oh and it will play the stream with HD audio and avc/vc-1 codecs...
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    Don't give up on Sony just yet. PS3 is great in my opinion. Coping over to PS3 was really a proof of concept for me as I thought it could not be done. Normally I stream and watch BD files with no problem (just when I want to fastforward is a bit of problem since my external HD is hooked up to Apple Airport Extreme USB port, then goes to the LAN. Fastforwarding this way is not a good idea :)

    My routine is now Rip BD ----> TsRemux it -----> Stream it ------>

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    I have given up on the PS3 as well, though I may use it in the bedroom.
    HD content is 2 fold. Video AND Audio. Streaming to the PS3 results in dvd quality audio. This is unacceptable. ;)
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    aye aye, not DVD audio please!!!

    DTS-MA is the way of the future =o)