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Playing mounted HD ISOs ?


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Feb 19, 2007
Anyone else here tried this ?

As an experiment I ripped just 1 movie as an ISO (Stargate, BD, mpeg2).

Virtual clone drive wouldn't allow the ISO to play at all.

Daemontools and Nero's thing allows the ISO to be played but the video is a choppy.

Am I asking too much of these virtual drives ?

Anyone else tried this ?
The HDD doesn't have the required data transfer rate, maybe?
The HDD doesn't have the required data transfer rate, maybe?

i would always try something like VLC first, seems powerdvd has a little overhead...large bandwidth files play fine via VLC and seem always to bog down in commercial players
Think you guys may of mis-understood what I mean.

Firstly I have no problems Playing HD DVD or Blu-ray from the HDD when ripped into the usual folders and playing with Pdvd.

I prefer to play my normal DVDs by ripping them to .iso files using for eg. Virtual clone drive to mount them as a virtual drive. I have a nice .iso front end which just requires me to select the .iso, it then mounts it and Pdvd starts playing it, which is very simple when using just the remote.

Basicically i want to do the same with HD DVD and BD ISOs, it just seems none of these virtul drive utils is able to supply the data fast enough for smooth playback.