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Playing HD-DVD from external HD DVD player



Question about the HDCP directly at the experts

I have a question concerning HDCP compatibility. I currently have a relatively old video card in my rig. It is an XFX 7600 XXX extreme with a good processor AMD 5600+ and 4GB of RAM.

My question is the HDCP compatibility. I was under the understanding that HDCP is hardware encryption and you have somehow managed to handle that through software. I am basically wondering if I will receive true HD considering the card is not HDCP capable/compatible. I guess I am wondering how much of the load falls on the video card speed/throughput etc. Bottom line is that whether I should purchase a new video card.
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Your understanding of HDCP is partially correct. If AACS is detected by the player, they are required to use HDCP to protect the content during playback. However, if AACS is not detected, they are not required to protect the content with HDCP. Therefore by removing AACS, you also remove the requirement for HDCP.
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So in practically and not theory by removing the AACS and HDCP requirement it should be shown in the high resolutions provided by the HD format
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I had another question in regard to this. How do you verify, obviously beyond just how it looks on the screen, that you are actually viewing in the proper resolution?
I am wondering if it is possible. I am attempting it and all PowerDVD does is give a black screen.

I only have 2GB of RAM and is it possible that is the problem. I am currently running Windows XP and do not have the driver for the memory unit installed. Windows recognizes the disk
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needs more information, system, hd-dvd drive etc
Follow up information

AMD 5600+ DC. 2GB of PC6400 RAM, Xbox HD DVD. XFX 7600 XXX Video Card. Homemade machine with Gigabyte Planar board
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what drivers are you using on the 7600 and what version of powerdvd and it's build number
Driver information

I am using the latest version of the Nvidia drivers downloaded from their website.

It is powerdvd ultra 7.3
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Continuation of problem playing from an external HD DVD player

I am not sure where I can find the build number from the software. The only thing I could find is the following number DVD 61206-02 and help is saying it is 7.2 but the splash screen is saying 7.3.

If this is incorrect can something provide direction is finding the build number
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In PowerDVD you can right click the screen and 'Show Information' and see th bitrate or use the setting dialog and show the information tab. You'll know the HD mode you're currently using.

I had another question in regard to this. How do you verify, obviously beyond just how it looks on the screen, that you are actually viewing in the proper resolution?
In powerdvd right click on the screen and choose 'about'
when the details screen comes up there's a bit that says 'This product is licensed to' under that should be the name you used to register. Click on that name and more details come up. You're looking for the number next to UI:
mine reads UI: 2911

If it's still saying 7.2 in the help then you need to do a clean uninstall and get the full 7.3 2911 installer
version number is 7.3.2605.0

In response to previous post the version no is 7.3.2605.0
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You should uninstall it, do a clean uninstall (it's explained on a post in this forum somewhere) and then find the full 2911 install and install that