Playing 4K-HDR - Movies in 1080p-SDR

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by w.s.k, Jan 17, 2018.

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    In addition to my new 4K-HDR-TV I still own a 1080p-SDR-Full-HD-Beamer - and would like to see some of my new 4K-HDR-movies in 1080p-SDR, too.
    This is no problem when playing an original disc by my Panasonic DMP-UB900, it can downscale HDR to SDR without problems by brightness and color.

    But with the possibility of ripping (AnyDVD with VUK, MakeMKV, DeUHD) I am searching for a possibility to play the ripped 4K-HDR-movies over Full-HD-beamer in 1080p-SDR, too (at least until a 4K-Beamer with HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vison, HDR10+ is available and affordable) - without getting a level of brightness and color under the normal BD-SDR-standard.
    Apple TV 4K with Firecore Infuse is dark and has weak color.
    DVDFab MediaPlayer 5 (with forced HDR -> SDR setting) over GTX1050 is better but still below BD-SDR-standard.
    Has somebody found a solution?
    Is it possible with special hardware, for example NVIDIA Shield TV ?
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    I've been doing this with madvr. I'd highly recommend pairing it with the latest LAV nightly builds and using their D3D11 decoder to give you the most bang for buck. Any player that supports LAV/madvr (I use J River MC) will give you this capability. Note we're only talking HDR10 NOT Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is proprietary and as such isn't supported by any of the open source/freeware players and may never be. But HDR->SDR with madvr is awesome.
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    Could try kodi HDR project works the same but gives you more control over contrast brightness saturation and 10bit and float textures. Madvr pixel shader math does a great job at 120nits. I use 418 nits and getting more control over HDR without forced tag . no offense but forced HDR sucks as it's dimmer. Some movies look great but out of 50 plus UHD disks I prefer playback PC with control over the light levels. Each to their own.......
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    While CloneBD is not a player per se, it does deliver a perfect SDR playback and can also convert HDR to an SDR MKV.
    (Requires nVidia GTX 10xx for the best results, the software version makes compromises for performance reasonS).
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