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    Maybe someone can explain this to me. I am trying to watch Hostiles Blu Ray on my laptop. Without AnyDVDHD installed, PowerDVD17 says the disk appears corrupted, yet with AnyDVD active, it plays the disk just fine. Now to VLC. When I try playing it without AnyDVD, it tells me the disk appears encrypted (this I get), but with AnyDVD, it says there is a mismatch between my player and the disk region. If this is not normal, I would be happy to post the logfile.

    I don't often play Blu Ray on my laptop as I just upgraded to that capability. I have an LG 16NU50 drive. Hostiles is a Region A Blu Ray. Now, the first time I inserted the disk with AnyDVDHD scanning it, it asked what Region the disk was. I marked Region A. It does not ask me again upon insertion.
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    It's perfectly normal that VLC cant play the disc without anydvd. VLC cant play protected discs. As to the region mismatch, that's normal too. You can't assign a region to VLC for blu-ray playback by default. which is why the region mismatch pops up. Try enabling "region removal" for blu-ray in AnyDVD settings and specify the region of the DISC!Once anydvd knows a discs's region, it won't ask you again unless you set it to "always ask".

    For "full" BD playback you might need to do some tinkering with VLC and add support libraries & stuff. As for PowerDVD, you'd need to ask cyberlink
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    Yes, you can, and you should for playback with menus. Just search for "Region" in advanced settings.
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    Well, learned something new then. Either i don't use it for anything other than what it's really the best at. Basic video file playback :)