Playback problems with multiple Opus Arte BD's

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    Hi all,

    I am collecting opera discs and an odd behavior is occurring with a number of (but not all) Opus Arte discs. I've mentioned it before, but now can say it is specific to this brand. Of note, while they are European in origin, they are region-free discs.

    I am making .mkv back-ups, with subtitles and full resolution.

    The behavior that I have seen is that if you fast forward at all, the playback will jump to about 42 minutes into the playback and you cannot reverse past that point. Once this occurs, the playback always starts at the 42 minute point.

    Today, I updated to the latest AnyDVD HD version and tried Jenufa, the log of which is attached. This time the timer jumped forward, but the playback was at the beginning. It could not be fast-forwarded or reversed.

    The following Opus Arte discs are a problem:
    L'Elisir D'Amore
    La Boheme

    The following Opus Arte discs copied fine:

    Very strange, hope you can help! Let me know if you want any more logfiles.


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