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    Hello my name is Mirko and I wonder if anyone knows why because sometimes the burned movies on BD-R DL media block to about half of the film. Precise that before I burn the 1: 1 copy of the film and then the .iso image. After burning, about one time in four, the copy being played just hangs! It could be a burner problem? But many discs are well mastered and then? Because sometimes happens? Using programs like Nero 2016, Alcohol 120%, Ashampoo 2016, etc., but always the same. Thank you for your kind help.
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    Please do not hijack a 4 yr old dead topic with an unrelated question.

    Post split & moved.

    On topic: They don't. Are you saying it stops around halfway into the movie? Seems to me like that would be exactly where the layer transition is and your player has trouble accessing the 2nd layer. What brand of blanks are you using?