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    Hi, all-

    I did try to search for this in the forum but came up blank.

    High-level Summary of Problem:
    Backups of BDs made w (Windows 10 - all updates installed) all have choppy video when played back on FireTV/Kodi(v19)
    Backups made w previous version of AnyDVD do not have any play issues - video and audio are perfect
    Tested across multiple FireTV/Kodi installs - same issue

    Additional Detail:
    I haven't made a BD backup in about 2 years on a Win10 PC that is rarely used
    Backups with AnyDVD previously (many!) had been near flawless
    I went to make a new backup this week and began by updating AnyDVD. I did not record what version was previously on the machine
    Video playback is greatly hampered on Kodi v19 and v18 for newly backed up title - borderline slow motion
    Audio seems to be clear
    I thought maybe the BD drive had gone bad and replaced with new LG - same issues
    I moved my AnyDVD license to a new Win10 PC (much higher power) - same issues
    Kodi plays back my previously backed up titles with no issues at all - just the latest backup is problematic
    Have tried multiple BDs to backup - maybe something wrong w disc? - same issue on each

    Example BDs having backup issues:
    V for Vendetta
    Dark City

    I tried to find a slightly older version of AnyDVD to backdrop to but was unsuccessful.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. whirlpool

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    There are reports of choppy video on the Kodi TV forum for versions 18&19.
    A possible fix was posted relating to refresh rate setting.
    “UPDATE: For whoever bumps into this thread, this is how I finally fixed the issue: I manually added all my display's supported resolutions to the whitelist in Settings->System->Display. I will try to figure out why Kodi doesn't do this on its own, since the driver announces all supported resolutions.”

    I haven’t seen any issues with AnyDVD and as you say, there are no other reports of choppy playback.
  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I am very sure, it won't make any difference. AnyDVD is not the cause of your problem.
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    Hey, @James- I installed VLC on the Fire TV 4k and tried the same BR ISOs. It had same/similar issues as Kodi. Thoughts?
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Use CloneBD to create a nice .mkv from your disc for playback on media players.
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  6. smesser

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    I recently had possibly the same issue. If the video codec is VC-1 you will see these types of issues.

    Update: On LibreElec not Kodi for windows
  7. camira2

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    Thanks. Not sure what "Update: On LibreElec not Kodi for windows" refers to. Any additional direction appreciated.
  8. camira2

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    @James - I don't own CloneBD but I understand why you suggested it. Here's my Kodi log:
    As the post from @smesser suggests, this may be a VC-1 issue - you can see the error in the Kodi log
    This thread:
    believes the FireTV 4k provides no native VC-1 HW support so decoding as to be done in SW and it's not powerful enough. Might also explain why VLC also failed on Fire TV 4k but the same ISO seems to work fine on a Windows 10 box - I need to double/confirm that.
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    CloneBD is free to use if you're not transcoding video or audio -- in other words, if you're not changing the video resolution or audio encoding.
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  10. smesser

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    Meaning that lower powered hardware has issues with VC-1