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  1. thedatman

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    anyone know I tried to get from BDedit but I'm not sure if it's right.
  2. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    anyone have a method for shrinking the size of enemy of the state? there are two 12+g files two 4-5 g files and 2-3 1-2g files. If I include them all I save no space. If I do the two 12g files I only end up with 58 min of video. I'm not sure how to use bdedit with this film
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    can you make an extra "sticky" thread for the playlists of the movies with more m2ts files (like cars, dejavu..), is that possible? perhaps also for hd-dvd movies with more than just one or two evo files.
    this would be very helpful.
  4. thedatman

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    the play list is


    it wasn't to hard to figure out. I learned one thing, if you're not sure play each file in "open media files" you will see what it is.
  5. yamyam

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    Or you could just open 00045.mpls in the playlist folder with tsmuxer
  6. vamsilak

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    is this for enemy of the state
  7. vamsilak

    vamsilak Well-Known Member

    is this for enemy of the state movie
  8. yamyam

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    Yes, both responses you have stated are for loading the main movie of enemy of the state
  9. vamsilak

    vamsilak Well-Known Member

    whats the use?
    it wcon't fit on bd-r(25gb)anyway
  10. yamyam

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    It depends, if you only keep the dolby digital track & the two english subs it will fit, but it wont fit with the lpcm audio
  11. vamsilak

    vamsilak Well-Known Member

    which one better
    dolbydigital or lpcm
    iam keeping lpcm
    thats what somebody told me
    dts-hd/dts-hd ma/lpcm are the three major lossless audio
    is this true
  12. yamyam

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    yes i agree with that, i would like to keep the lpcm track but currently there are no transcoders for blu ray video
  13. w@lt

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    Enemy of the state


    I too am having problems with this one!!

    I have identified the correct files and I am trying to use TSMUXER to join..

    I have placed each file into the program and also stripped out the un-needed files.

    However when I try and remux I get an error "AV frame too large (59396 bytes). Increase AV buffer"

    Any pointers on overcoming this... or an alternative method?

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  14. Bigrick

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    at the bottom did you click on the button that says output to bluray disc?
  15. w@lt

    w@lt Active Member


    Yes... I am clicking on the 'Create Blu-Ray Disc' radial button
  16. gsearll

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    The error you're getting ("AV frame too large (59396 bytes). Increase AV buffer"
    ) sounds like a network error. As in a bad NIC card.

    If your are trying to rip it accross your LAN, just to test. Rip it to your local HDD and see if that works.

    If that does work, perhaps you could try and replace your NIC. And/or after creating the ISO on your HDD, copy it over etc.
  17. w@lt

    w@lt Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion

    However the 3 files are already on the PC Hard Drive

    It doesn't matter which option I select... it gets to about 22% and then errors which makes me think it is a setting somewhere in the software..

    Is there another program that will do the same I could use?...
  18. fast eddie

    fast eddie Well-Known Member

    Use BDinfo 4.01 is the BEST for finding out PLAYLIST and the associated M2TS files for that PLAYLIST.

    Far left side in BDinfo on line one is always the main primary playlist and on the far right side is the associated M2TS files for that PLAYLIST.

    Line two can be director cut movie only playlist or theatrical cut movie only playlist

    Usually line three can be camera angle 1 or 2 movie only playlist

    Load the one playlist OR all the associated M2TS files associate with that PLAYLIST into TSMUXER.

    If the main movie has more than one M2TS file (seemless branching disk) then use the APPEND MODE in TSMUXER to add up the M2TS files.

  19. w@lt

    w@lt Active Member

    I think you may have 'Nearly' just answered my original question

    'Append' rather than 'Add'... a simple mistake.

    I finally got an error at 98%... (B****R)

    The resulting single file plays right up to nearly the end of the film!!

    I am still hopeful that I will find a fix...
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  20. w@lt

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    Any ideas anyone.....How do I increase the AV Buffer in TXMUXER?

    I am getting desperate....:bang: