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play a mid point tune and temp folder


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Jul 31, 2007
When using the copy title 2 title, it first goes through the pass of reading the dvd. second, it writes the title to a ISO image. Each takes a bit of time. It would be nice to hear a tune when it is at the midpoint. this way one can remove the disc from the drive and start a new operation.

Also, When I do this, I spawn a new instance and start the process again. I always need to change the temp folder because the old one is in use. It would be nice if this could be auto determined by the process instance.

I wouldn’t think running two instances of CloneDVD simultaneously is a good idea, it’s a pretty CPU intensive program and you could be asking for problems.
seems to work fine. If it is not supported, they should make the program single instance only.
Didn't say it wasn't supported, just that it may not be a real good idea. If it works for you go for it!