Plasma TV "SOP's"

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by mildot, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Mod's if you think that this doesn't belong here than you can delete it.

    Since I"ve had such great results with the SlySoft product I decided it was time to take the leap!

    Well troops I entered the 21st century and bought a 50" Plasma. That said a while back I remember a thread that talked about "cables" the best and cheapest place for them? and also some discussion on mounts.
    I have been looking at a Peerless mount at TigerDirect? pretty decent price overall, just wondering where to look for the cables as well?

    Any troops have experience mounting on "metal studs"?

    One final FYI, how many of you purchased the "extended warranty" for your TV's, its not cheap but I'm wondering if its worth the money for that "extra insurance". Thanks
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    Extended warranties are never worth the money.