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    Tried to copy Planet Earth CD3 so the grandchildren wouldn't destroy the orig.
    Made the copy using a verbatim DVD+R double-layer disk.
    Seemed to copy OK on my PC, played back OK on PC.
    My Toshiba DVD player (for TV) does not see the disk.
    Any ideas?
  2. oldjoe

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    Is the Toshiba Player capable of playing Dual Layer discs?
  3. Crusher

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    Most older DVD players hate DVD+R media, let alone DVD+R DL especially if it is not booktyped to DVD-ROM. If it plays fine in the computer its probably the fact that your DVD player is just too old to play that type of media.
  4. Whisperer

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    Crusher is correct ... just booktype your copies and even a 1998 DVD player will recognize the +R SL or DL media as a DVD-ROM. Booktyping is a critical part of making backups compatible with players. A booktyped +R backup will be even more compatible than a -R backup.

    Stick with +R. Stick with the Verbatims (MKM001 made in Singapore) for DL media ... don't experiment with other media brands. And both Verbatim (MCC004 made in taiwan) and Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN 000T02 8X speed are the best) media are both good for SL backups. Order from to be assured you are getting the real McCoy. is reliable too:


    Wait for a sale and then stock up. Other members may suggest other reliable web vendors. Reliable is important to avoid counterfeit media.

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