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    When using CloneDvd2 set to DVD-DL to create an ISO image of Pirates3 (with AnyDvd running) the ISO size is 7,553,920 MB (created in 20.5 minutes). Using DvdDecrypter the ISO size is 7,850,966 MB (created in 13.1 minutes). DvdDecrypter (IFO handling disabled as it gets a BUP file processing error at the end otherwise) is set to leave all the work to AnyDvd (default settings).

    I have always used DvdDecrypter to put mountable images on my HDD, but Webslinger mentioned in an AnyDvd thread this was unnecessary as the CloneDvd2 capability gives you the same result (and is guaranteed to work with AnyDvd). Now that I have tried his suggestion (but also compared it to my old method to check speed and integrity before going forward with the new method), I am concerned that something is missing given the discrepancy in files sizes (not to mention the 50% longer processing time).

    Does anyone know if CloneDvd is "skipping" content on Pirates3 or is it just a result of more efficient processing (removing padding) which I can expect with any movie? Original DVD disc size is 7.48 GB (8,039,387,136 bytes) which matches the DvdDecrypter mounted image exactly, whereas CloneDvd2 mounted image is 7.20 GB (7,734,687,744 bytes).

    I assumed that the ISO image from CloneDvd2 would be the same size, perhaps only CloneCD gives the "exact" image (not that I need that anyway until DL disks get way cheaper).
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    The Decrypter image is likely faulty. I would avoid it. There's a lot of protection on this disc which Decrypter cannot process properly unlike Clonedvd and Anydvd ripper.

    No. Actually with heavily protected discs, Clonedvd will give you a proper result; decrypter won't.

    Decrypter is only useful if you 1) have a heavily scratched disc and/or 2) have a disc that is not heavily protected.
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    Clonecd will sometimes copy over some of the bad sector protection on the original disc. The backup will play, but it will not be completely unprotected in these cases (the Clonedvd and Anydvd ripper rip will be completely unprotected).

    I still prefer using Clonecd (for my +R DL backups) because it preserves the original layer break position unlike Clonedvd.
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    Hi Webslinger:

    I just saw your reply as I was about to edit my own question. I was browsing through recent posts and found this which I guess is the reason for the "missing" data - CloneCD and DvdDecrypter provide exact copies which of course will include PC-related data (DVD-ROM stuff) - DOH! I can't believe I forgot about all that rubbish, as I've been using CloneDvd for so long and seeing only movie-related data....

    In my o.p. I mentioned that all protection handling is left to AnyDvd - DvdDecrypter is not doing anything other than creating an ISO image - I know it (and Shrink) can't handle modern protections. But it is still far faster than CloneDvd2 (which takes 50% longer) if an ISO image is all you want at the time. Just to make sure I'll create a backup using both and compare them. If nothing is missing then I think the time difference will decide for me.
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    Yeah, that's true as well.

    I could be mistaken, but I suspect you aren't understanding something: some of the protection removal (on heavily protected discs) is handled exclusively by the ripper function in Anydvd and Clonedvd only.

    Anydvd can't alter some material on the fly properly for Decrypter, Shrink, and other programs. Consequently, in order for a heavily protected disc to be ripped properly you should either use Anydvd ripper or Clonedvd. You cannot produce an .iso rip on the fly with Decrypter (with a heavily protected disc) and expect it to produce an accurate and unprotected rip. I believe, quite strongly, this is especially true with discs such as Hairspray R1 and El Cantante. You can, however, expect both Anydvd ripper and Clonedvd to produce a proper, unprotected, rip.
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    Hi Webslinger:
    Yes, I do understand that and always check the list of "problem" disks first. Whenever I get around to doing a CloneDvd2 backup of my originals (I usually do that for several when I have a block of spare time) I just find it easier to mount the ISO images (quicker than doing several off the originals). But I always have AnyDvd running in the background when I mount the image, so that (I assume - I haven't had a problem yet) will deal with the secondary protection that got "left" in the image (and it does report doing that for some titles from the usual wacky-structure fixated studios).

    If it is a title on the "problem" list I haul out my original and do it the old-fashioned way with AnyDvd and CloneDvd2.

    Thanks for your help. :bowdown:
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    You're very welcome!
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    I ordered CloneCD5 with the christmas coupon (might as well get it before the price jump, still cheaper than when I bought CloneCD4 back in the day). Now I'm going to try your method (best way to back up DVD from CloneCD sticky) and just use CloneCD5 to create my HDD ISO. Then I can still preserve the layer break (for when Verbatim DL media goes on sale) or just mount the image and compress to DVD+R with CloneDVD2 for less important stuff. I'll finally have to say goodbye to DvdDecrypter....:eek:

    Update: Test shows that CloneCD5 creates the image in EXACTLY the same time so I'm happy! :cool:

    The holiday spending urge made me upgrade to AnyDVD HD as well, although I still haven't installed my LG SuperBlu combo drive yet :D (waiting on other parts).

    Happy holidays to you and yours from Montreal.
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    Happy Holidays to you as well! :agree: