Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Salazar's Revenge

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    Hi, I am trying to rip the bluray and then encode in Handbrake/Vidcoder.

    The problem I get is that Handbrake/Vidcoder does not see all the audio tracks. It only presents me one option (AC3 2.0) which is audio described. On all other DVD and bluray I have it presents me the full list.

    Interestingly the movie plays direct from the bluray player in 5.1 DTS without an issue. I am not sure why Handbrake/Vidcoder cannot see the full list of audio tracks.

    Is this an AnyDVD issue? I have tried the latest beta and same issue.
  2. Adbear

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    This is not an AnyDVD issue.
    Handbrake defaults to the first longest playlist it can find. On my copy of this film it defaults to title 14, playlist 0099 when in fact it should be using title 157, playlist 00800. When I change it to the correct one I then get the other audio tracks
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    Perfect, thank you!
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    Use CloneBD.
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    Clonebd :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:kicks the competitions if ya wanna call it that lol butt :love::love::D:D:D