Pioneer BDR-S11J-X Ultra HD Blu-ray Burners

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  1. Cjbag

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    I have been looking for a Blu-ray burner that will work with Any DVD HD. Will the Pioneer BDR-S11J-X Ultra HD Blu-ray Burners work? I have read on the forums that ASUS and LG drives work the best. What do you recommend for an external drive ( in an enclosure or use with a USB to sata dongle)?

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    Define 'work' with anydvd he. If the drive gets recognized by Windows, anydvd in general can work with it. Now if you're talking about ripping UHD discs, anydvd can only work with UHD friendly drives.

    Google can tell you what drives they are and with what firmware.
  3. Cjbag

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    I am looking for a drive that will work with uhd ripping. What drives would you recommend? I have noticed some Complaints about quality and longevity on Newegg about the ASUS BW-16D1HT, and the hex process to change firmware for the LG WH16NS60 sounds very intimidating . I would be using it as an external drive either in an enclosure or a USB to sata dongle. I am not very good with the very technical stuff, sorry. I have tried Google to find plenty of Uhd friendly drives but they really don't tell me if I can rip them down With AnyDVD HD so I can use them on my hard drives for my TV or phone. I will be using a AMD 1600x cpu and a Asrock Z370 Fatality Gaming ITX motherboard, ( not sure if I should use 16 or 32 GB of ram) , and 4 ssd's with a external 6 TB for backups from my pc shared on my router for TV and phone. I am only backing up movies that I own for my home use.
    Thank you for replying, I hope my reply makes makes sense on what I am trying to do.
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    As I said, Google 'uhd friendly drives', those ones will work. There's multiple such lists for friendly ones. Official drives won't like The WH16NS60 won't, at all. That's an official UHD drive, not a friendly one. That will tell you everything you need to know about which ones will work and with which firmware.

    For example: the LG drive like mine BH/WH16NS55 is UHD friendly as long as it comes with firmware 1.02 or lower.