Pioneer BDR-212UBK - Great Drive for Every Disk! Too Bad It's Not UHD Friendly!

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    Twelve days before this post, my LG BE16NU50 external USB drive quit reading FHD and UHD Blu-rays and was only reading DVDs and CDs. So I purchased the Pioneer BDR-212UBK
    ) because of its ripping and burning speed. Some people claim this drive is riplocked. However, once you download and install Pioneer's drive utility for changing and saving hardware settings (
    ), set it to performance mode, and turn off all the extra writing and reading processing, this is one hell of a burner and ripper for FHD Blu-rays and SD DVDs! I know it's the fastest I'VE used in years! However, upon discovering it's not UHD friendly, I also wound up purchasing an LG WH16NS40 SVC CODE NS50 which I flashed to firmware version 1.02 in order to rip my 4K/UHD Blu-rays. However, I think so highly of the Pioneer that I deeply regret it isn't UHD friendly. It would be awesome if enthusiasts could modify the official UHD Pioneer drives to make them UHD friendly while maintaining their high speed burning and ripping, whether via hardware (chip replacement) or firmware to flash!
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    There was some discussion on the makemkv forum that indicated a low possibility. Until then I think you are well prepared with your hardware. Please read this:
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