Pioneer BD-RW BDR-XD07U 4K USB Drive surprise...

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  1. I got a new laptop last month and bought an external drive for it, and since the screen was 4K I got the mentioned drive in the title.

    My primary RIP system was an older ASUS with internal DVD drives (2, for simultaneous ripping) and the RAID took a dump on me when I fired it up today, and the system I use for encoding (Republic of Gamers system) has no place for installing an internal drive.

    So I plugged in my new DVD drive and after upgrading MakeMKV and installing the new version of AnyDVD on this machine I just tried putting the 4K UHD version in to see what would happen.

    The disc was readable and I ripped a 4K version of Bond just to test.

    After all the hassles trying to get the 4K to rip...this just made my entire week!
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    A tip: Please always check at least once a week online over at the MakeMKV website or their Forum to make sure that MakeMKV is at least the latest version. AnyDVD will probably warn you if you're not up to date with MakeMKV.

    Of course, it goes without saying to make sure that AnyDVD periodically checks online for the latest version.

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    That's not strictly necessary. There is a minimum version of makemkv that anydvd requires and it'll alert you if your version is too old. What matters more is that the sdf is up to date and makemkv automatically checks that every time it's loaded. As long as anydvd isn't giving you an error about libredrive being incompatible you're good.

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    I stand corrected.

    Thanks, @SamuriHL.