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  1. nwasend

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    I decided to do a Quality test for the media I burned.

    This is the media I used: TDK-R 16X, TDK-R 8X
    The drive I used: NEC 16X DVD+-RW

    No matter what movies I burned, I always get a peak of PI errors in the last 1GB of data. I also tested the original media and it seems fine with no spikes.

    Could it be the media or the fact that I burn at the full 16X (maybe I should slow it down to 8X or 4X)

    It plays fine on my computer and on my standalone DVD player.

    Also does this have an effect on the longevity of the DVD copy.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  2. TPLAT

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    Whats the media I.D. of the TDK 16X-R? Some TDK 16X-R media now has a CMC-MAG media I.D. which isnt very good in my opinion and also I dont burn at max speed, I usualy burn at half the medias rated burn speed.
  3. nwasend

    nwasend Active Member

    Yes, it is CMC-MAG. I had never had any problems with TDK. Im just concerned with the sudden spike at the end of every movie I burned.

    btw, I'm using CloneDVD2 but im not sure that it's the software
  4. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    I would get some better media Like Verbatim and burn them at 8X. Plus depending on the brand of the drive you need to test at a different speed and maybe not on the same burner that burned the disc. I really dont test that much and havent in a while so someone here may have some better advice on testing.
  5. nwasend

    nwasend Active Member

    yeah well I would get Verbatim, its only $6 more than TDK, but i have plenty of TDK DVD's left...well 150 DVD's I have to use up first.

    thanks for the help
  6. mmdavis

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    End of Disc

    Another option if you're using CloneDVD is to use the custom disc option for the write at 4300. That would not use the end of the disc.
  7. G-Omaha

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    That media should provide reasonable results if recorded at 8x (the 16x Media) or at 4x (for the 8x media). This is the media that normally is sold as a "Phillips" DVD. Anything faster and it is a complete disaster.
  8. nwasend

    nwasend Active Member

    I slowed the speed down to 12X from 16X and the results improved dramatically. Thanks for that advice. It really helped:D
  9. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Set the custom disc option for the write at 4300.... burn at half the rated speed of the media..........get some better media.... and your results could very possibly be even better.