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Philips Dvdr1660


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Feb 28, 2007
I have read the reviews at this seems like a good budget (under £50) dvdr drive option.
Anyone experienced any different?
It has some decent reviews. It appears to be a rebadged BenQ. I'm not thrilled with BenQ but some seem to have good luck with them.
the 1660 is a rebadged benq 1650, good drives, where are you finding them?
you'd be better going for the benq 1650 as there £10 cheaper (pc world site) if theirs any in your area, none in mine :(

Went up pc world today and purchased the only half decent thing they had
(Philips Spd2410) as they had nothing that I wanted that showed being available on there website.
Everytime I ask for stuff I'd chosen on my list, they just blagged me off with there site being well out of date, even with stuff they had and there prices.
Pc World are useless!

Its proving to be a good drive for dvd duplication :agree: