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Philips blank dvd


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Jan 29, 2007
I have an oppertunity to buy some philips dvd+r inkjet printable disc made in singapore pte ltd. 620a lorong 1 Toa Payoh Tp2 Level 4 Singapore 319762.Information on package is DR416B50F/979082 100 07236.Info on disc PEP6L2 JK16022538.I have an opertunity to buy these disc at $10.00 per 50 pack so i was wanting to know if anyone knew anything about these dvd's.I currently use ty printable disc and am very happy but i am tempted to buy these disc because of the price.I have been given 10 disc to try for a trial and used all ten of them with no problems what so ever but i am still hesitant because of the price and manufacturer so any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.:bowdown:
same disc

I ran backup copy of movie "feed" through vso inspector and these were the results.So does anyone think these disc are worth buying? 3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info File test complete
3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info Average read speed: 1.74x
3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info Maximum read speed: 2.64x
3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info Minimum read speed: 1.12x
3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info Good: 30, Problem: 0, Error: 0
3/4/2007 2:17:01 PM info 30 files scanned
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info File Test started
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info Surface scan complete
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info Average read speed: 7.57x
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info Maximum read speed: 12.11x
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info Minimum read speed: 4.15x
3/4/2007 1:42:56 PM info Good: 100.00%, Problem: 0.00%, Error: 0.00%
3/4/2007 1:34:59 PM info Scanning DVD from sector 0 to 2289551
3/4/2007 1:34:59 PM info Total sector count: 2289551
3/4/2007 1:34:59 PM info Surface Scan started
3/4/2007 1:31:18 PM info ******************** Report session started ********************

ne think these disc are worth buying?I got 0 errors on both test.
Hi :)
The problem with media many brands shop around so what they call the 'mid'* can be of more use when considering buying. Using VSO Inspector.
*Media Identity.

Media ID

Using VSO Inspector the media ID is CMC MAG-M01-00 does this tell you anything?:bowdown: