Permanently remove protection?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by katekenn, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. katekenn

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    I use AnyDVD often to remove the protection so I can Clone DVDs. But I would like to take one of the cloned DVDs and copy it to my DVR hard drive and do some editing. But it won't let me - It will make a backup copy of my DVD, but it won't let me copy the DVD to the HD.

    Any ideas?
  2. AGJ

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    What are you using to copy the dvd? If you using clonedvd2 you should have posting it in the clonedvd section of this forum. But anyway to back up to hdd you need to change the output method from dvd writer to dvd files. This should copy it to hdd using clonedvd.
  3. Charlie

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    I am not sure you can copy it to your hdd on the DVR unless there's something I am missing.
  4. katekenn

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    I guess the reason I used this thread is because it is the AnyDvd program that removes the protection that allows me to used CloneDVD to make the backup.

    I assumed that the backup would not have the same protection. But when I put the backup into my DVR player (hooked up to my tv, not to my computer) it won't let me copy the DVD to the Hard Drive in the DVR player.

    The DVR player allows you to copy DVD -> HD or HD -> DVD, but the DVD -> HD is ghosted out if the DVD is protected. I want to copy a DVD into the HD so that I can edit some shows down to best scenes and then burn that to another DVD.

    My other option would to be able to do that on my computer, but I don't have any type of editing software that does that - unless someone has a suggestion for one.