Percentage of Blurays on 50gb discs?

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  1. evanmit

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    Hi everyone,
    I am tossing up between buying a 25gb bluray burner or paying the extra and getting one that can do 50gb discs as well.

    Does anyone know what percentage of Bluray movies are released on 50gb discs (or care to make an estimate)?

    I dont want to pay the extra if I won't ever make 50gb discs, but there is no point saving $100 but limiting my burning options to 50% of the discs on the market.
  2. SuperGoof

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    37.45% of all discs :)


    But the percentage is much higher for blu-ray discs released recently - 60.42% for 2007 releases.
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  3. evanmit

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    thanks, didn't think anyone would be that accurate and have some stats to back it up :)
  4. mmace

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    for the price of 50Gb discs, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy the original film(s)?
  5. Adbear

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    You can store them on your hard drive and write them to a re-writable for when you want to watch them