PDVD downscaling even with AnyDVD HD

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    On what planet does a USB disk drive determine the resolution of things you can store on it and playback thereof? The output of the drive is files.. how they're displayed depends on your software.

    Bear in mind that the drive is only expected to be used on the XBox 360 and not on a PC and so the information would be relevant to the software on the XBox 360 if anything and not a feature of the drive itself.

    I can also confirm that PowerDVD is playing back at 1920x1080p... after all, when in windowed mode, the window sizes to the size of the video automatically. This fills my screen (with a task bar at the bottom).

    Double clicking fills the screen entirely (as you'd expect) and when windowed or not, there are no interlacing artefacts.

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    How do you tell within PowerDVD (7.3) what resolution it is outputting? Showing the onscreen information doesn't show the resolution!

    I have just bought an XBOX HD drive along with Full Metal Jacket and V For Vendetta. I have an nVidia 7600GS AGP card that isn’t HDCP compliant (connected to a LG 32” HD LCD which does do HDCP) so I am using a trial copy of AnyDVD HD which I am thinking of buying.

    When playing Full Metal Jacket the HD-DVD intro trailer looks stunning! Definitely in full HD. The actually film though looks pretty poor. I also cannot remove the subtitles and cannot bring us the menu.

    When playing V For Vendetta, again, the HD-DVD intro trailer looks stunning. The film itself looks good, a lot better than Full Metal Jacket, however it still doesn’t look as good as the HD-DVD intro trailer.

    Because I know that my graphics card isn’t HDCP compliant I am paranoid that it isn’t outputting at the full resolution! I know I should be able to tell but with my TV and/or graphics card scaling the image to fit the screen it is difficult. AnyDVD HD claims to work fine with non-HDCP graphics cards so I am hoping that all is working as it should.

    So how do I tell for certain!
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    No, really, 100% impossible.
    The drives job is only to transfer data from the disk to the unit (PC / Xbox). The original resolution of the videos is locked into the video stream (EVO/M2TS). The resolution it is displayed with is up to the player (and this decision in some cases depends on some information in some additional files on the disc).
    The drive does not even know about these things and would even be unable to change them, because the information is signed and therefore not alterable.
    So: nonono, the drive cannot - ever - influence the resolution.
    The information you are reading in the manual is meant to be an additional information to the XBOX manual, because the drive is meant to be an enhancement to the Xbox only. And the xbox's display hardware obviously has these limits.
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    Also, if you use Reclock, you will see that it reports 1920X1080 23,976fps..
    And on a good display, it is blatanly obvious that Powedvd provides full 1080p signal! In fact it is MUCH better than the desktop players (eg Toshiba HDE1)!
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    OK - I bought a few more HD-DVDs - it is definitely outputting HD :)

    I tried Troy and it looked amazing (plus my PC was struggling so it must have been HD 8) )

    I do have a question though - I have connected my HTPC to my HD LCD TV via DVI and i have it set to output at it's native resolution which is 1366 x 768 - when outputting 1080p does the graphic card down scale the image to fit 1366 x 768?

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    I tried using powerdvd and the Xbox drive on my brothers XP install.

    Athlon 3200+ (2.2 ghz)
    1 gig Ram
    XP Pro
    7800 gs video card (VGA output)

    so with the analog connection, (which should be unprotected) to his 1200x1600 19" monitor, the video still looks VERY vertically squished.

    Can someone answer me this?

    If I am playing King Kong on a 16:10 24" monitor (1200x1920) it should fill 90% of the screen, correct?

    Anyone have any additional ideas for me? :(
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    King Kong does not play full screen even when you us an HD DVD player on a 1080p HDTV. The reason for this is that King Kong is not a 16x9 movie so it has to be letterboxed to maintain the original aspect ratio. A 1920x1200 monitor is a 16x10 monitor. When you play King Kong using PowerDVD Ultra set to full screen, it will be letterboxed just as it is on a 1080p HDTV. Because of this, it won't fill as much of the screen as you expect. When I play it on my 1440x900 monitor, also 16x10, it plays full width but only fills about 70% of the screen.
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    I was wondering about that because I just got everything installed and when I tried to play a movie the image was really stretched and looked horrible. I set the resolution to 1920x1200 and now it looks great, there is obviously a some scaling but it still looks very nice nonetheless.

    My system:
    30" Apple Cinema Display
    Mac Pro
    Dual 2.6Ghz Xeon Woodcrests
    2GB RAM
    ATI Radeon X1900
    Xbox 360 addon drive

    Works like a charm now! I am glad you posted! :clap: Now if only I could use it at the displays native resolution.