PDVD & 8800GTS Video stretching problem.

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    Please take a look at this screen shot. Can anyone think of a fix for this? I have updated my drivers for the video card.
    Also what do you call it when a video stretches like this.
    This only happens when the video is 1/2 or more of the screen. BFG 8800GTS 512. Do I have to buy PureVideo to play HD Movies properly? My ATI X1950XTX played all my videos just fine.

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    I spoke with EVGA tech support just the other day requesting information about the NVidia 9000 series of video cards and S/PDIF support. BTW, they have the best video card tech support I have encountered. Although I did not ask about it, the tech volunteered information that the 8000 series has problems displaying full-screen HD output and sometimes creates a black bar at the bottom of the screen (as shown in your example) so your problem may be related to that. From what the tech said, it sounded like it was a hardware problem that could not or would not be fixed. He also stated that the problem has been fixed in the 9000 series.

    I used to be an ATI fanboy. Like you, I experienced great results using ATI 1950 cards, but switched to NVidia after purchasing an ATI HD 2900XTX that would not work with motherboards with onboard video and ATI would not offer any hope that they would come up with a solution. IMHO, ATI product support has suffered greatly since the AMD acquisition.

    It seems to me that both companies are abandoning support for the interim products they produced before the 65nm chipsets were available. Hopefully, someone else has a solution to your problem that I am not aware of.
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    From postings on AVS it's a driver issue, you'll have to find the best one in the interim. I think it's referred to as tearing. Do a search there for like photos.