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    I know this is not the PDVD Forum... but those $@#&* from Cyberlink are worthless. I'm a paying customer of PDVD Ultra and was able to get version 3319a. It plays HD and Disc for both BD and HDDVD. However, I'm getting a lot of pixelation which I didn't get before. This happens only on HD/BD movies not on DVD Movies

    I have a C2D E6300, 2GB RAM, eGeForce 6600 256MB AnyDVD and PDVD Ultra 3319a.

    I tried playing around with the settings on PDVD, but I have no idea what I'm doing :confused:
    I would appreciate any help!!!

  2. Adbear

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    check you're on the latest graphics card drivers, also check the cpu usage when playing and see what it's at when you get pixalation
  3. talon95

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    Just to be clear, did this happen when you updated to 3319a? I ask because HW acceleration is stuck on in that version, at least with Nvidia graphics cards. If this is the case, try Adbear's suggestion, but also you might try a few different driver versions too. Also, stepping back to an older PDVD version could help (3104? I can't keep them all straight).

    Searching the giant PDVD Ultra thread over on AVS might turn something up as well.

  4. tato68

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    Thanks for the replies! I'm using the latest nVidia Drivers. I had to move to 3319a because previous versions didn;t give me SPDIF sound (go figure!). My proc. utilzation is about 30%.

    Would upgrading to a better/newer card would do the trick? I have seen many 8500/8600 from nvidia onsale. Or is it better ATI Radeon?

    Thanks in advanced for your replies.
  5. James

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    All PowerDVD versions give SPDIF sound. ATI HDMI card? You need the Realtek drivers, the ATI drivers won't give you any SPDIF bitstream sound.

    EDIT: Stupid me, you say you have an NVidia graphics card...
  6. mickemus66

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    Got the same problem but only with bluray not hddvd.

    use to have an xbox360 hd drive and it wwas working great, since the price on the lg bluray/hddvd internal combo drive was good i decided to upgrade, but when im trying to watch lets say ghostrider (bluray) its like it cant be descrambled?? very small pixelated?
    i can hear sound but the picture is as i said scrambled..
    any suggestions or input what to do???
    Does bluray require more power than hdvdvd??
    i have an amd dual core 4600+, nvidia 7900gt 256mb hdcp compatible videocard, 4gb ram, lg bluray/hddvd combo drive.
    anydvd hd 6202 and the cyberlink ultra7.3 that i havent updated since people here said it took away the option to play from hdd.
  7. Nova935

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    I recently upgraded to a 8600 GT XXX OC from a online vendor for $129+ shipping. I would highly recommend this card for HD DVD and Blu Ray playback. The "purevideo" feature of this card offloads the video processing from your CPU and lets the video card do the work alone. HD DVD and Blu Ray playback on my 60" Sony LCD RPTV looks spectacular. You might try using a earlier video card driver than the most current one your currently using. I updated my video drivers to the most current nividia driver and I experienced pixelation problems as well. I had to revert back to version 163.71 nividia driver, which is about 3 versions earlier than the most current to get proper HD playback without any pixelation problems. Be aware that this card is not for gaming, but is built just for flawless HD playback.
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  8. mickemus66

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    the pixelation is only on the start menu, then when the movies start its working fine, isnt that weird???
    its the same on both ghostrider and hellboy and on both ripped to hard drive or playing disk directly.
    Any tip or suggestion about that?????
    i can still watch the movies just wanna fix the problem if its fixable.
  9. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    check to see what codec they use for the menu and movie as they are quite often diifferent (eg. menu can be vc-1 and main movie h264) Do all the menu's having problems use the same codec?
  10. jonnymariah

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    Pixalation also

    Hey ALl,


    I'm getting the same thing!

    Menus are bed...movie plays fine.

  11. Xtrap1979

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    had a similar problem with the newer Forceware driver. Switched to ATI 2600 then it worked fine.
    Try to go back to an older Foreware driver version.
  12. sarah99

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    I also had a similar problem on POTC + Nvidia + Vista
    All fixed by moving to an ATi card (or XP)
  13. mickemus66

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    so how do i change the codecs???
    since some one said they are 2 different codecs, menu 1 codec and movie a different codec??
    I havent seen anything in this forum written about that or did i miss it??
  14. Adbear

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    you don't change the codec, it' just the disc can be using more than 1 codec. Sometimes the menu/ trailers can be in mpeg2 and the main film in VC-1 or h264, you can't change that, thats just the way the disc is encoded