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  1. Comandante

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    I did not find any information pertaining to this file in this forum.

    I wanted to backup my copy of open season.

    Every time I insert this dvd into my player anydvd will become disabled
    and it will stay disabled until I take out the dvd from the tray

    I also noticed that this dvd adds the following application and process to my computer while this dvd is inserted.

    see attached pictures

    I cannot make a backup of this dvd

    Does anybody have any clue as to what this is.




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  2. Webslinger

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    Is "PC-Friendly" enabled in Anydvd? (right click fox icon in toolbar-->settings-->video dvd-->settings--> PC-Friendly)

    Do you have Anydvd running at all times (autostart on windows bootup)?

    If so, it should block that program from running when you insert the disc.

    If not, just hold down "shift" when you insert the disc.
  3. Comandante

    Comandante New Member

    Thank you, I will give your suggestions a try and let you all kniow if it works
  4. JRude

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    PC_clickme.exe is on We Own the Night. AutoRun is defeated by ANY DVD but you must hold Control key down until drive lights quit blinking to defeat clickme....it works. It is separate from the Autorun . I also use a non-burning DVD ROM Drive to read all newer DVD's...it HELPS!
  5. linx05

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    JRude, how does the exe run without the auto run file?
  6. Webslinger

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    It doesn't. Someone sticks a disc in without Anydvd running in the background, and the next thing they know their system is hijacked

    AutoRun\command- J:\PC_Clickme.exe
    from http://www.techsupportforum.com/security-center/hijackthis-log-help/196244-slow-system.html
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