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PC locks up while ripping HD DVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by deandob, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. deandob

    deandob Active Member


    I have found that the occassional HD-DVD disk I rip with AnyDVD HD will lock my PC and I have to do a hard reset. I use XP Media Centre with all the service packs and the Xbox drive and latest AnyDVD ( + same behaviour with the previous 2 versions). At first I thought it was a dirty disk, but when I try re-ripping the disk multiple times it fails at different places (usually 10 - 30% through the rip) even after cleaning the disk where there are no visible significant scratches. I have noticed that the HD-DVDs do get really fine scratches when cleaning but this hasn't stopped other disks that I have used without issues on my machine.

    I have had trouble with the following disks:
    - Syria (Australian edition)
    - Unforgiven (Australian edition)
    - Dune (US edition)

    Having the machine freeze is a little strange. I would have expected the software to come back with an error message if it could not read the disk, so it is possibly a hardware issue, however it seems to be related to these disks only during ripping as I have no problems with other disks.

    Any ideas?

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2007
  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Hi Dean,

    Does your computer freeze when you play the movies directly from the disc? Does it freeze when you're backing up any regular DVDs? Also, does it freeze at any other times?

    If the answers to question 3 is yes, open up your computer and blow the dust out using an aerosol spray can made for this purpose.

    Otherwise, try backing up some of the HD DVDs that worked previously to eliminate the possibility of a drive failure.

    There are other options available but I'm suggesting the easy ones first.


    Last edited: Jun 8, 2007
  3. deandob

    deandob Active Member


    Thanks for the suggestions. No, the PC does not freeze when playing normal disks, although I did have it freeze once while playing a HD-DVD a while back (once out of about 20 viewings).

    I thought I'd try the HD-DVD I was trying to rip (Syriania) to see if it freezes while watching it normally on PDVD, and it had no problems at all. Yet I tried to rip this disk 4 times earlier this week with no success??? Either its a problem with the Any HD-DVD ripper or I'm experiencing hardware problems as a coincidence while ripping.

  4. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Try the new AnyDVD HD beta release. It fixed my problems ripping Norbit on Blu-ray.

    Edited 2007-06-10: My Norbit problem went away mysteriously, even with AnyDVD Hd I still suggest that you try to see if it helps.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2007
  5. jp2

    jp2 Member

    Hello Dean,
    I was experiencing similar issues and narrowed it down to my adding an extra hard drive. For some reason, my setup does not like to rip to the new hdd that I added. It would start to rip then the counter within anydvd would show an unusually high remaining time. I would then try and cancel the rip but then it would not respond. I had to do a hard reset to get the OS to respond again. I am using a sata bluray drive and have 3 sata hdd. I am using a gigabyte mobo and it looks like there is something strange going on when I try and rip across to the 3rd hdd. I can rip ok to the 1st 2 hdd but not the new 3rd one. I can play from the 3 hdd ok. This is happening mainly on vista home premium but I also dual boot into xp where it was also happening. It may have something to do with how my motherboard is allocating it's sata connections. I haven't had much time to trouble-shoot this yet since it seems to be working ok to my 2nd hdd. I can then just move the files to the 3rd hdd. You can see my post earlier for some additional details if these seems at all related.
  6. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    I had a Gigabyte motherboard once. It was the worst motherboard I've ever owned. It wouldn't supply power on the USB ports even though everything was connected properly. Of course, this was way back when (circa 1999). Hopefully they're doing a better job now.
  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I sincerely doubt this issue has anything to do with Anydvd.

    I would start by checking your power supply.
  8. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Good idea Webslinger, it could easily be checked by disconnecting the 2nd sata drive and any other devices you don't need to test.
  9. deandob

    deandob Active Member

    I think I know what the problem is, my soundcard. When the PC locks up, I get a buzzing sound in the speakers (I use an EMU soundcard, but it has not played up with other applications). I have disabled the drivers and it seems to be ripping OK now. So I suspect that the routines used by AnyDVD to rip are interacting with the hardware in the PC - possibly something like an IRQ conflict?

  10. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    If you don't mind, why are you using the soundcard?