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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Gurudeva, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Gurudeva

    Gurudeva New Member

    Can I Use Any Dvd To Copy Pc Games
  2. KoRn

    KoRn Well-Known Member

    No. You can use CloneCD.
  3. PerpetualOmega

    PerpetualOmega New Member

    Copying Copyrighted Media is Piracy. :mad:

    We only back-up our media incase the original gets damaged.

    With most PC Games you don't own the discs, you just have a licence to use them.

    If you get a damaged game disc then the publisher should have no problem with sending you a new one so you can continue to use your licence.

  4. uhall

    uhall Member

    I believe you are allowed to make one backup copy in regards to the fair use act.
  5. Cloned dvd

    Cloned dvd Guest

    What is the difference?
    a gamer could say: we only back-up our games incase the original gets damaged.

    "with most pc games I dont own the disc"???? wha?
    :disagree: :disagree:

    I paid for a box that has not only the licence key inside, but it also has a few disc in it... so guess what? those are mine... I don't have to return them do i?

    So might I suggest the copyright :policeman: go elsewhere...