PC Case Selection as it relates to internal optical drives

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by DarkQuark, Feb 3, 2021.

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    So I assume that most folks here use an internal optical drive. I know I do. I have always figured that a true external drive is just a no-no. Sure you can take an internal drive and make it external but that seems fraught with possible issues as well.

    But every PC build I do (which happens every 2-4 years) I notice fewer and fewer decent cases with an optical drive slot. In fact now there seems to be only a handful of what I would call a good case available with a drive slot.

    I was just curious what other people might thing of this dilemma and if you face it as well. Or am I wrong and everyone is using external optical drives?
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    Wow.. a whole month and no answer to your question.

    My last few cases I bought have no options for optical drives, so yeah.. I'd need an external one.

    There is no physical difference between the two, just their interface to the system. SATA or USB.

    No dilemma.. just go with a trusted company to buy your drive(s).
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    Thanks much for the reply, it is appreciated.

    It's ironic you would answer now, I actually just got the stuff in and finished the build yesterday.

    I found ultimately there are still a handful or 2 of really good cases with 5.25 bays. The only thing about that is they tend to be full towers and on the pricey side. But I snagged one anyway. I bought a Corsair Obsidian 750 Airflow.

    It's an awesome case in the event anyone is interested. It's just big as hell but that does make for easy building so.

    Anyway, thanks again.
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    Missed my date with fate by a couple days eh?

    I rarely.. rarely answer posts here unless I'm drawn here by an issue I'm having with the software, and I don't usually do.

    I just got me a Thermaltake View 71... the bloody thing is a beast.

    It's one thing to look at it in awe, when you see the glass sides and drive bay options (minus the optical of course).. but when you read the fine print, she's a solid steel case and the 5mm glass sides combined to create a case that's 35 lbs when it's empty. About 50 fully loaded.

    Enjoy your new toys! :)
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    I finished my build out yesterday. It came out really good. The case is a monster. If was funny but as I added things to the case and did all the cabling I found myself having to work around the case. There was not much moving the case around that is, I simply had to move myself around it :p