PBS DVD title issue solved - Endeavor Season 3

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    This is not likely an AnyDVD problem, but I think it is an interesting problem that is emerging with newer PBS discs. I don't know if it is by design or by accident. I searched these forums and other forums for other products where people spoke of a similar problem, but perhaps did not know how to articulate the issue.

    I believe AnyDVD did what it was supposed to, but I hope mods here will allow this post to stand because this was where first I came looking for help. I have more than one program to rip and encode and I can tell you, the results were pretty much the same. I've seen people discussing the issue with regards to newer seasons of Grantchester and even Poldark. These are all PBS.

    Using Any DVD (and two prior versions), it rips it and it looks normal when you get into a program like Handbrake. You choose the folder and you get a list of titles. There are usually two episodes per disc at around 1.5 hours. In the title list, one would see two titles with that approximate time, but one title is not a typical number. Rather than 1, 2,3,4...7, etc., one of the titles jumps way up to 29 or 23. But it's the only other option in the list that is the correct time. When it is encoded, it is not the first episode on the disc, as it should be. Instead, it is an interview or a pile of commercials.

    When you put the disc into a DVD payer, the episodes play normally. No issues.

    The next thing I tried, was to encode by file rather than using a folder. I took everything that had a high file size and encoded it. What I found was that the problematic episode was in pieces, starting in the middle of a VOB file that contained the next episode. So, it started in VTS_14_4 in the middle, then I appended VTS_14_5, VTS_14_6, VTS_14_7. I would mention the name of the program I used, but not sure if that is permitted here.

    I used a third party program to splice off the beginning, then I appended the next three VOB files, and finally got my episode. I repeated this process for the first program on the second disc of season 3, and for the first episode on the first and second discs of season 4.

    As I said in my opener - I don't know if this was by design or by accident, but it is a pain for anyone wanting to encode a backup of their discs.

    I've solved this problem for myself and hope it helps someone else who might come here. For that reason alone, I hope that mods can let this post stand somewhere for reference. I've already deleted the rip, but I did make an image file and could re-rip it with logs if mods are interested in looking it over. Is it a sign of things to come?
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